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Thanks for visiting. We will be continuously updating our blog with New York State driving laws and regulations. In addition to providing you with this information, we will be providing articles that contain techniques to navigate the roads safely. It’s not all going to be boring. We will also post humorous videos that pertain to driving. Here is an example:

Texting While Driving

Did you know that using a hand-held cell phone while driving is a 5 point ticket? This includes talking on the phone and/or texting. The minimum financial penalty is $50 and if you receive 3 of these violations in an 18 month period, the maximum fine can be $450 and a suspension of your license. For probationary drivers and junior drivers, 1 cell phone violation will result in the automatic suspension of their license for 120 days.

Winter Driving Conditions

If you live in the Northeast, you are probably getting a little tired of the snow. Yesterday’s snow then rain then snow has provided some very dangerous road conditions. Although most of this is common sense, here is a small list to help you stay safe on the roads.

1.Clean all ice and snow from your car.
2.Make sure you keep an ice scraper in your vehicle.
3.Reduce your driving speed.
4.Keep a snow shovel in your car.
5.Make sure you have plenty of windshield washer fluid.

This weather causes many delays and this makes many drivers impatient. This often leads to people making foolish decision. Just remember, it’s better to get home late than getting into a traffic accident. Stay warm, safe, and be patient.

Here’s a pic that a friend of mine posted on Facebook.